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All employees are drug tested and background checked prior to employment.

Moving Services

Moving across town or across the state? We’ve got you covered. let our trained employees move you to your new dream home. We can provide full service packing and moving services or just moving services.

    Onsite Storage

    If you only need a room or a couple of rooms stored a minimal period of time and you prefer your personal porpety stay onsite we can arrange for an onsite storage unit to be placed in your driveway.

    BCPMS can also move contents from a room to a garage or other room(s) while a room is being romodeled.


    All personal property is stored in an air contditioned warehouse with a state of the art security system to ensure the safety of your personal property. In Florida, it is imperative to have your property stored under specific relative humidity otherwise mold can grow and ruin your personal items.

    Your items will be stored at a Relative Humidity below 60% RH, which impedes mold growth.


    When personal property is damaged form water, fire/smoke, or mold it is critical that the biohazard is removed and your personal items are properly restored.

    BCPMS has two IICRC Master Restorers on staff. We can clean and restore contents until your home is back to pre-loss condition.

    If you are in need of living essentials such as clothing, we are also capable of restoring these items to you within 24 hours.


      Often times when there is a significant water or fire loss in a residence, personal items will need to be removed from the home to be effectivly remediated. it is imperative that itmes are inventoried and evaluated. When BCPMS is hired to assist in these conditions we complete the following tasks.

      • Each item will be inventoried and photographed
      • Each item will be evaluated for damage
      • Pre existing damages will be noted an filed separately
      • Our trained ICCRC Master Retorers will determine a non-salavageable list complete with replacement cost value for insurance claims
      • We can bill your insurance directly at no cost on approved insurance form
      • All stored porperty will receive a construction wipe down before it is returned to your home

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